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What is Credit Insurance?

Quite simply, credit insurance speedily replaces cash lost as a result of a bad-debt. The insurance available is extremely varied but essentially is designed to cover you against the insolvency or default of domestic and/or export customers. Optional 'political' risk cover is available for exporters selling into politically sensitive markets. Examples of the most commonly available policies:

Whole Turnover Insurance

The original and most common form of credit insurance. Whole Turnover policies are designed to cover the whole of your debtor book, normally incorporating only a low excess to exclude smaller predictable losses. 85-90% indemnity is normally available. Smaller debtors are usually covered without reference to underwriters on the basis of good previous trading experience or a satisfactory status report. Larger debtors are vetted by underwriters, normally via a quick response on-line credit limit application system.

Specific Account Insurance

These policies provide you with cover against the failure of a single customer. Cover can be arranged on an annual basis or for a period sufficient to cover the fulfilment of a specific contract. 100% indemnity with no Excess is normally available.

Excess of Loss/Catastrophe Insurance

Designed for medium to larger organisations who can afford to sustain a reasonable level of bad debts, with cover only becoming effective once a pre-agreed aggregate of bad debts has accrued. Policies can be on an 'all-vetting' basis where the underwriter is responsible for writing credit limits on the majority of customers or, where sophisticated credit management procedures are already in place, credit vetting can be left entirely to the insured.

Principal Customer Insurance

Restricts cover to a company's major customers only. However, up to 40 customers can be insured under these policies with 90%-100% indemnity generally available.

Credit Guarantees

A Guarantee offered to your suppliers protecting them against insolvency of your own company can assist in increasing your credit line with existing suppliers or establishing credit with new suppliers.


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